Megatherm Joluvi Sock

Megatherm Joluvi Sock


Daily socks for cold days



Daily socks for cold days with padded areas that provide protection to the parts most exposed to pressure and chafing. This results in a feeling of relaxation and low stress in the feet that allows us to achieve higher performance. With reinforced areas that provide greater durability to the garment without loss of comfort or performance. Contributes to the durability of the product. Very soft inner areas that drastically reduce the possibility of chafing with an added feeling of comfort in the parts of the foot that are highly likely to chafe. This prevents the formation of blisters and/or calluses. Constructed without seams to reduce potential friction points to prevent chafing. With an anatomical shape that hugs the foot.

  The Mega-Therm fiber is very light, providing warmth and comfort even when wet thanks to its hollow fiber technology that traps air to achieve greater insulation capacity and a larger evaporation surface that reduces humidity 20% faster than other fibers and 50% faster than cotton. Socks with Mega-Therm keep feet warm and dry without adding bulky layers. With less energy needed to heat the body we can use it for resistance and performance.

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