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Anillo Autoblocante Jammy Beal
Anillo Autoblocante Jammy Beal
Anillo Autoblocante Jammy Beal
Anillo Autoblocante Jammy Beal

Jammy Beal


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5.5 mm sewn rope sling made with an aramid core and polyamide sheath. When configured as a prusik it can be used with single or half rope, on one or both half ropes. Aramid/Polyamid



- Very high resistance, even in case of important warming up.
- Very supple in order to grip even small diameter ropes.
- Sewing protected by a heat shrunk sleeve.
- Very high resistance to repeated folding thanks to Technora aramid.
- Unmatched lightness compared to mechanical systems.

- To create a prusik knot for increased security during a rope descent.
- To create a rope clamp for quick hauling.
- Recommended knot: Machard and braided Machard (depending on the use).


Before use, the Prusik efficiency must be checked by the climber with its own rope. It may be necessary to make an extra turn, for example when using a new rope.

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