copy of Multimonti 7.5x60 Raumer


This screw is used to place anchors for the first exploration of a pothole.

MULTI-MONTI anchors are produced and patented by the German company HECO SCHRAUBEN KG & Co.

It is an innovative self-threading screw system and is highly resistant and practical.

The first part of the Multi-Monti thread is characterised by thread serration / teeth.

When screwed, the anchor cuts into the material and creates the space for the rest of the screw.

Unlike traditional screw anchors, the Multi-Monti system does not exert excess tension on the material, reducing the risk of damage or breakage.

The Multi-Monti system also differs from traditional permanent mechanical or resin anchors in that it can be easily unscrewed and reused.

This procedure should not be employed more than three times on rock and only once on granite.

Multi-Monti anchors are very resistant and reliable. Below is the Multi-Monti range stocked by RAUMER, with the corresponding dimensions, strengths and product codes.

1) Drill into the supporting material (rock, concrete, solid bricks) with an appropriately sized bit (see table). 
2) Clean the drill hole. 
3) Screw in the anchor, fixing it to the chosen plate.

HECO-MULTI-MONTI was the first screw anchor to receive the highest level of the European Technical Approval ETA: Option 1 for use on cracked and uncracked concrete.
HECO-MULTI-MONTI is also the only screw anchor with such distinguished and varied approvals:

  • European Technical Approval ETA -05/0010 Option 1, applied to MMS-7.5; MMS-10; MMS-12; MMS-14 and MMS-16 in galvanised or Delta Protekt-coated steel;
  • European Technical Approval ETA -05/0011 Option 1, applied to MMS-7.5; MMS-10 and MMS-12 in stainless steel;

HECO-MULTI-MONTI is also the proud holder of the prestigious Zulassung certification awarded by the German Institute for Construction Technology, valid for compressed or cracked concrete.
HECO-MULTI-MONTI has also been awarded a F120 fire-resistance rating for use on various materials such as concrete, limestone and solid bricks.

Weight: 17,50 gr

acero galvanizado
8 mm
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