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9V Backup Adapter Scurion

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Scurion® is designed for Lithium ion battery operation, but, using only the low brightness setting, does run on a 9V alkaline battery as well.


This is very useful as alkaline batteries can be stored for a very long time (e.g.: Energizer specifies 5 years at 21°C for 80 percent remaining capacity). You can keep a 9V adapter plus a 9V battery with your gear or in a bivouac for years in case you suddenly run out of batteries. In an emergency, a 9V battery won't give you the same amount of light than our regular Li-ion block, but it is far better than nothing. You can expect the following runtimes using the 700 model:

  • max. Power 4: not available (internal resistance of the 9V battery is too high)
  • Setting 3: 1.5h, then 3h on Setting 2, then 6h on 1 (switching down automatically)
  • Setting 2: 8h, then 6h on 1
  • Setting 1: 24h

These are approximate values only. Effective lamp runtime depends on battery quality, and temperature. Don't be fooled by the low settings. Even the Scurion® 700 on its lowest setting outperforms many cheap supermarket lamps on full power. Setting 1 is plenty of light to get you out of any place.

As the Scurion® electronics will be damaged by reverse polarity, our 9V adapter contains a reverse polarity protection.

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