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La Diablo 10,2 Unicore is the first outdoor dynamic rope that incorporates UNICORE technology.



A Diablo 10.2 Unicore is the first outdoor dynamic rope that incorporates UNICORE technology. With its good diameter it is scaled with tranquility while with its smooth sheath and great flexibility gives the sensation of using a rope with a much smaller diameter.
This rope is suitable for all audiences: it is effective for the first one of rope and allows to secure with tranquility.


     Diameter: 10.2 mm.
     Shock force: 8.30 kN.
     Number of falls: 6.
     Number of spindles: 32.
     Weight per meter: 64 g.
     Percentage of sheath: 40%.
     Shock impact according to laboratory: 7.90 - 8.20 kN.
     Number of falls according to laboratory: 7.
     Sliding of the cover: 0 mm.
     Dynamic elongation: 37%.
     Elongation under 80 kg: 8.7%
     Material: Polyamide.
     Approved for use in simple: CE EN 892, UIAA.

The UNICORE technology, previously reserved for semi-static ropes, is now available in the Diablo Dynamic rope range. BEAL has managed to solidify the soul and the sheath of these dynamic rope to limit the movements between the two parts, to optimize its operation. The dynamic rope that count with the UNICORE process are less swollen, more flexible, more pleasant to handle and last longer. By having a smoother sheath than a classic rope, the friction in the carabiners and in the rock is reduced, the resistance to abrasion is improved even more, and the recovery of the rope for carabiniering without effort is greatly facilitated. The climber really has the sensation of climbing with a much finer and lighter rope, since the fluidity is greater and retains all the advantages of the assurance with a rope of greater diameter.


     Remain compact and flexible.
     It resists abrasion better.
     It facilitates the carabiner.
     Use: Multipurpose climber.

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