Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp
Xena Petzl Headlamp

Xena Petzl Headlamp

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Powerful, rechargeable, light and balanced headlamp, provided with CONSTANT LIGHTING technology. 1400 lumens


Intended for maintenance, industrial, inspection and technical rescue professionals, the XENA® headlamp offers an excellent power/weight ratio (185 grams / 1400 lumens). The battery displaced in the back provides a balanced and comfortable carry. Robust, resistant to impacts and falls. It is also waterproof and dustproof, allowing it to adapt to numerous working conditions. Its three types of light beams and five lighting levels guarantee optimal visual comfort in any situation. Its CONSTANT LIGHTING technology allows it to provide a stable lighting intensity over time. Easy to use, it has a rotary button that can be manipulated with gloves. Practical, it is worn on the head and also adapts to any type of helmet thanks to the compatible accessories. The removable and replaceable battery is rechargeable via USB-C.

Detailed description:

Powerful headlamp designed for frequent use by professionals:

- 1400 lumens for only 185 grams.

- Battery moved to the back that allows better weight distribution on the head for optimal comfort.

- Autonomy that can reach up to 32 hours, and allows you to work four days or four nights, without recharging the battery.

- Visual comfort, thanks to CONSTANT LIGHTING technology, which provides constant light intensity over time.

- Dust and watertight (IP67).

- Robust, the flashlight resists impacts (IK07) and falls (up to 1 meter).

Various lighting levels and a BOOST mode to adapt to any work situation:

- Two lighting levels with a wide light beam for work close at hand or up close.

- Two lighting levels with mixed light beam for further work and travel.

- A level of lighting with a focused and powerful light beam for distance vision.

- A BOOST mode, with focused lighting of 1400 lumens for 10 seconds, for specific needs for very distant vision.

- Red lighting on the back, fixed or flashing, to be visible at night, quickly activated or deactivated thanks to an independent button.

Easy to use:

- Ergonomic rotary button, operable with gloves, that allows you to easily and quickly select the lighting level.

- Automatic LOCK function, without manipulation, to prevent accidental ignition during transport/storage.

- Possibility of checking the battery level when turning the flashlight on and off thanks to a 5-level indicator.

- Plate that allows you to easily direct the flashlight in the desired direction.


- Easy to remove and washable tape.

- Plate compatible with accessories that allows the flashlight to be installed on a helmet: HELMET ADAPT adhesive plate for any type of helmet (available as an accessory) or SLOT ADAPT plate for helmets with a compatible slot (2 plates included with the XENA®) .


- 3200 mAh lithium ion battery, rechargeable via USB-C connector.

- Replaceable R1 battery available as an accessory, it can be changed in case of discharge to continue the activity.

- R1 battery that can be used as an auxiliary battery to recharge other devices (phone, watch...).


Power: 1400 lumens (ANSI FL 1 standard)


Type of light beam: wide, mixed or focused

Weight: 185g

Watertightness: IP67

Impact resistance: IK07

Drop resistance: 1 meter (ANSI/PLATO FL 1)

Power: 3200 mAh, 3.7 V, 11.84 Wh lithium ion battery (included)

Charging time: 3h30

Certifications: CE, UKCA

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