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Hamaca calentada de cueva Steinberg
Hamaca calentada de cueva Steinberg
Hamaca calentada de cueva Steinberg
Hamaca calentada de cueva Steinberg

Hammock heated for cave Steinberg


Hammock heated for cave. Natural evolution of the hammock-tent.


The gas lamp is placed hanging under the hammock, in a chamber away from where you sleep, so there is no gas pollution from combustion.
Autonomy: 7/15 hours depending on the temperature of the cave.
The person lies down on a fabric of sanity 300 (length 212, width on the head 86 and on the feet 50 cm) lying between two
aluminum bars (down 51 cm, top 82 cm, divided into two 46 cm parts). Two pockets allow to have on hand
Cigars, cleenex, chocolate, etc. Above this base fabric is the breathable microfiber cover, which comes
Lined by a tape, adjustable from the inside, fixed to the hammock anchors. At the height of the back the fabric of
coverage is laid by an aluminum bar (40 cm). Two pieces of Velcro close each of the 4 angles
under the fabric of the base, and in the center there is a velcro ring to hang a source of light.
This fabric is hung with 4 pieces of Velcro, another small fabric that can be opened with 2 zippers. The person is
lie below this fabric, which creates a small warm chamber. This fabric does not have to touch that of the cover.
CARE, DANGEROUS: To avoid lack of oxygen the head has to be left out of this small cloth !!
Under the base cloth there are two chambers, one inside the other, to retain the heat. The lamp has to be put on as
possible near the base fabric. Minimum distance between the anchors: 3.5 cm. Weight: 2,500 gr. (lamp and gas not included).
measurements in the compression sleeve: Ø 20 cm h 18. Aluminum bars: Ø 4 cm h 51 cm. The hammock has been designed and
Experienced with the collaboration of G. S. Fiorentino.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Hang the hammock from the metal rings on the end of the tapes. Put the bars.
To sleep comfortably, the hammock has to be tightened well. Turn on the lamp with built-in piezo let it heat a few seconds, adjust it to the minimum or slightly more depending on whether you are more or less chilly, and according to the temperature of the cave. At this point hang the lamp in the hammock. From the inside of the hammock you can, with one hand, regulate the flow of gas. In the hammock you can enter on both sides. You have to adjust the cover fabric that you have previously fixed well on the feet, so that it does not rub against the inner fabric that covers you. Close
well the cover phone in the head. On the head and on the feet the covering fabric has to be closed leaving the
outdoor extension bars.

WARNING, DANGEROUS: the head has to stay in the outer chamber: oxygen can be lacking in the inner chamber

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